Helping tell your story to show the world why your work matters. 


A well-told story can make the difference between growing your business--or downsizing. It can mean winning that big grant. Or not. Of course you want an award-winning storyteller to help tell yours.

How I can help ...


* Social media content and strategy.


* Editorial project management services, including proposal development, editing, and production coordination.


* Annual reports that showcase your stories while also providing the nuts-and-bolts.


* Meeting summary reports that remind participants why it was worth their time to attend.


* Articles, fact sheets, monographs, newsletters, reports, and training materials professionally edited and written, and worth reading.


* Marketing collateral--including advertorials and brochures--that demonstrates your organization’s value to clients and community.


* Web content that shows you know what you are doing.


* Winning federal and philanthropic funding proposals.






* Write and speak clearly, credibly, and persuasively.


* Target written products to affected/interested readers.


* Identify, access, and interview leading experts.


* Synthesize multi-source information into engaging narratives.


* Translate specialized information into ‘plain English.'


* Edit others’ work to make them shine.


* Manage large, complex editorial projects, staff, and vendors.


* Conceptualize “big picture," execute details.


* Teach, train, mentor, inspire others.


* Work well in culturally diverse settings.


* Highly skilled with MS Office, Apple digital editing apps.

Take it from my satisfied clients . . . 



“John was a part of a team I assembled to promote the work I was doing on HIV in Africa. My team presented a series of papers at a regional meeting in Zambia. John worked with the team to ensure that the presentations were of high quality, communicating a consistent set of messages. John also worked on a manuscript with the group that later appeared in a peer-reviewed journal. He was delightful to work with, highly knowledgeable, and skilled. I recommend him both as a strategic thinker to guide your communications efforts and as a technical consultant with many skills to produce your communication tools.”



Associate Director for Medical Device Surveillance

Center for Devices and Radiological Health, FDA/DHHS



“It is a pleasure to work with a professional. That was my experience with John. I benefited greatly from his journalistic experience, his writing skills, his knowledge of the HIV and AIDS world and his creative approach to our projects. I recommend him highly.”



Duke University Center for International Development



“John-Manuel is an excellent writer and researcher. His books--Victory Deferred: How AIDS Changed Gay Life in America, and Hot Stuff: A Brief History of Disco--demonstrate his talent as a chronicler of social and cultural movements of the 20th century. John has the rare capacity to write both scholarly and "lay" texts that are well-researched and a joy to read.”



Science and policy consultant, Adjunct Professor

University of California-San Francisco School of Medicine

Twitter @JMAndriote